Matt is a seasoned business professional with a business management career spanning 27 years. Originally starting in the retail industry his career evolved into the import and export business focusing on flooring and natural stone. 

His love of creative writing and photography developed during his high school years and has continued to be hobbies through the course of his life. As a small child, Matt's Father would often take him to the drag strip to watch hot rods tear up the quarter mile. As he grew older, his passion for car culture and all things mechanical only intensified as he started to collect and modify cars of his own.

Being an avid aficionado of all things mechanical, Matt has always been fascinated with watches and the craftsmanship that goes into creating timepieces. As he matured, his watch collection has continued to grow. It was a natural progression to merge his passions of cars, watches and photography into one source. 

Originally born in Sanford, FL, Matt now resides in Orlando with his wife and two children. Being a native Floridian, Matt can typically be found at the local Cars and Coffee or tooling around town in his 911, sunroof open, windows down and the stereo playing the greatest 90's hits. 


Kevin is an accomplished entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of success spanning over 23 years. His journey began in the telecommunications industry, where he built a thriving business from the ground up. Always seeking new challenges, Kevin transitioned into real estate, making shrewd investments and expanding his financial portfolio.

His passion for motorcycles and all things automotive led him to establish a successful motorcycle dealership, where he could indulge in his love for bikes and vintage hot rods. As his entrepreneurial spirit continued to thrive, Kevin ventured into the world of precision manufacturing and now owns a thriving CNC machine shop. Additionally, he has embraced the digital age, successfully managing an online business.

Despite his diverse business ventures, Kevin's heart belongs to motorcycles, Porsches, and the world of fine watches. He's an avid collector and connoisseur, with a keen eye for vintage bikes and old hot rods, showcasing his appreciation for craftsmanship and design.

Originally from California, Kevin now calls Florida his home, enjoying the Sunshine State's beautiful scenery and warm weather. He is a family man, happily married with one child, and they often bond over their shared love for fine bourbon. Kevin has even taken the time to impart his knowledge and passion for whiskey to his 23-year-old daughter, helping her refine her palate for fine spirits.

In his leisure time, you can frequently find Kevin and his family in Tampa or Saint Augustine, savoring the classic charm of these cities while enjoying their favorite drink, an old-fashioned. Kevin's journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, love for all things mechanical, and the joy he finds in sharing his passions with his loved ones.


James Sack has 20+ years of design, publishing, marketing and digital experience. James uses his creative and entrepreneurial experience to establish new products and digital solutions for the entertainment and event industries. He has been recognized with numerous design and technology awards, including the W3 Best in Show, gold Davies, Addy Awards and Print magazine’s Interactive Annual. James sits on the Board, planning committee and location committee of the Event & Arena Marketing Conference (EAMC).

James is an avid collector of German classics from Porsche and BMW. In addition to his love of cars, he is an enthusiast of horology focusing on vintage Seiko’s.


Casey has been a professional med device sales rep for over 16 years. Born and raised in the heart of bourbon country, he now resides in central Virginia. As a Kentuckian, bourbon has always been in his blood, luckily Virginia too has a great distilled history. He currently has a bourbon closet with over 200 bottles. (And limited MGP options!). He purchased his first real watch at the age of 13, a rather basic steel and gold Accutron, but it started his appreciation of quality time pieces.

Casey remembers his first true love, at 10 years old, in Hilton Head, he saw her. It was the fall of 1994 and the model was a 1995 993 cab. It was on the spinning pedestal in front of the dealer. He was hooked. While it took him the better part 24 years to acquire his own Porsche, that moment started it all. He’s gone through many stages to get where he is today, classics (64 Buick skylark), Miata (3+ NAs, all highly modified and tracked) and off-roading (FJ cruiser). But in 2018 he purchased his first Porsche, a Cayenne diesel. Not 4 months later, he purchased his Aero 997S. The youngest of the group, but working hard to expand his collection (currently three) and loves working on them in his garage, to achieve the OEM++ look and feel.